Asian Couple Fucks Hard

Asian Couple Fucks Hard

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Fucking in a Small room

Fucking in a Small Room by pinaysexvideos.thumblogger.comAn Asian couple did’nt knew there was a small hole in their favorite fucking place and some guy recorded their fuck session.

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Free Pinay Sex

Hi there, If you got to this page looking for actual free Pinay sex, then sorry to disappoint but you won’t find any information here regarding that topic. This site is all about Pinay sex scandals, and amateur Asian sex videos. You can read lots of stuff about the latest Pinay scandals to pop-up and the celebrities involved in them. Yes, some hot Filipina babes are so careless letting their lovers record their love-making session that most of them gets uploaded on the internet. Some may say that these are stolen Pinay scandals but in reality, these amateur clips are just being shared from phone to phone via bluetooth and email.

Proliferation of Sex Videos in the Philippines

It was back in the days of internet boom and camera phones that sex videos became popular. People for the very first time can watch portable Pinay porn on their mobile phones and share it with their friends. Horny couples that were excited that they have a portable video recorder in their hands started recording their sexual intercourse every time they had a chance to. They would then watch their home maid Pinay sex video together which would then lead to another sexual intercourse, again, being recorded.

The problem with couples making their own amateur sex videos is that they never thought of security. The first problem, is when the phone gets stolen along with the recorded sex clip. The thief then happily shares it with every guy he knows and so this is how stolen Pinay scandals get passed. The second problem would be the fallout of the lovers. It is after the couple’s break-up that these home made Pinay porn becomes an issue. The disgruntled boyfriend will pass their sex clip in retaliation for his girlfriend leaving him. There isn’t a law that penalizes these acts so sex videos in the Philippines really became famous. Some people even use the amateur clips they have to lure the girls into mating with them and having free Pinay sex so that the thieves won’t upload or pass their amateur porn video.

Free Pinay Sex Clips

When Pinay sex videos spread like crazy, it was only clicks away to find free amateur videos of Pinays having sex with their boyfriends or husbands. The search engines was buzzing with searches like “free amateur Pinay porn” and “sex videos of Pinays” because it was the most popular media at that time.